Are you a woman who is self-employed, or running her own business in Australia?

Did you start your business after having children?

Would you be willing to participate in a university study examining the motivations and experiences of self-employed working mothers?

If so, read on…

You are invited to participate in a study of working women who have chosen to start their own businesses after becoming mothers. This study, the first of its kind in Australia, will focus on understanding the factors that motivate women to start their own businesses after having children, and their experiences of self-employment once they do.

Juggling work and family is a major preoccupation for many women, especially those with children. The majority of academic and public policy research on working mothers in Australia has tended to focus on women’s employment in the context of companies or organisations. Much less is known about the experiences of women who opt to work for themselves after having children.

This study aims to contribute understanding about this little-researched segment of the population by examining the motivations and experiences of self-employed working mothers. It uses in-depth, open-ended interviews to explore the ways in which self-employed working mothers manage their work and family commitments and engage with the broader business community.

To be eligible, you must be a woman, with dependent children, who started her own business in Australia after falling pregnant or having children.

Interested? Please read on.